6) It doesn’t get any more “concept” that this. A very unlikely design, this concept scores with its novel transparent and bendable screen. Razor-thin, the phone looks like a gadget straight out of a sci-fi movie. Very cool indeed but it leaves me wondering how I am going to plug my Monster headphones to this paper-thin wafer.

Designed by Flickr user Vchenjingyuangel



7) No longer in just black and white, this concept looks just like a stretched iPod nano; it’s bound to satisfy fashionistas out there who want a phone to match their outfit of the day. We wonder if it streams music videos when placed in screensaver mode.

Designed by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio



8) Frustrated with your thumbs covering half the screen when slashing zombies or when performing a drift during one of your supercar racing games? This design with slide out controls will solve that problem and give game developers more options when creating the next blockbuster app. We are just psyched that this version comes with a USB port!

Designed by ADR Studios




9) Like a solid slab of super thin alloy, this concept is almost believable if not for its lack of connection ports and buttons. Being this thin also has its peeves. Like struggling to pick up your phone from the table using your nails so as to avoid having to slide it off a greasy table at a hawker centre.

Designed by German mobile blog Handyflash



10) This design keeps the look and feel of the iPhone 4 minus the home button. A new touch sensitive strip at the bottom of the screen replaces that function and new gestures like tapping on the background brings out the multi-tasking view. Remember Nokia's N9?

Designed by Joystudios



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